We are very busy here at Amnesty Canterbury working on a number of Campaigns! Below is a brief overview of those campaigns:

  • Philippines

Our focus country is the Philippines. Whilst not many people are aware of the human rights abuses occurring daily in the Philippines, we are hoping to shine a light on those abuses and eventually eradicate them altogether.

Click the Philippines tab at the top of the website to find out more!

  • Individual at Risk

In 2017 Canterbury Amnesty Group adopted Tep Vanny, a prisoner-of-conscience, as our Individual-at-Risk and continued to campaign for her unconditional release. We are very pleased that she was released in August 2018 and received a royal pardon from the Cambodian King. 

  • Urgent Action

These work on the very simple premise that when someone is in immediate danger of serious human rights abuses, those responsible receive thousands of letters from all over the world demanding it to stop. This is a powerful way of showing authorities that the world is watching. These urgent actions are a vital part of our campaigning for individuals, families and communities at risk.

Even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, this is an easy way to make a big difference.

Click the ‘Urgent Actions’ link above to see what our current Urgent Action is.

  • Monthly Actions

These actions are sent by AIUK to every local group each month (except August and January) – they are used when human rights are endangered, but where action does not need to be as urgent.These actions usually take the form of a letter or a petition, but sometimes they can involve making something or taking a photo, which Amnesty can then send to the country or authority concerned as one large combined action. 

Click the ‘Monthly Actions’ link above to see what our current Monthly Action is.